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Dayco Magazine - Power World

Setembro 2014
PDF, 6Mb
  • “Respostas personalizadas para cada mercado e uma única e grande visão de futuro”
  • 2014 é o ano do Kit BIO e do Kit de corrente.
  • Destino Dubai.
  • Dayco Brasil.
  • Um sonho italiano convertido em realidade.
  • Companheiros de equipa.

Number 3, July 2013
PDF, 7Mb
  • The way to integration
  • One branding: one name, one image, one standard
  • Trade Fairs: Dayco’s appointments for 2013
  • Integration: mission accomplished
  • New AIR SPRINGS: safer driving, better protection for goods
  • AUTOMECHANIKA DUBAI: a great success for Dayco
  • Quality control
  • From Ford to Volkswagen
  • Continuous support
  • Response from the TAM

Number 2, May 2012
PDF, 16Mb
  • The customer is our partner
  • Optimising the brand together
  • All-out information
  • Milestones of a leadership
  • TB SET: solutions for every situation
  • The eastern frontier
  • From Moscow to Warsaw
  • Sustainability and innovation: a team work
  • Response from the TAM
  • The Dayco mechanic

Number 1, May 2011
PDF, 13Mb
  • Understanding the market, exporting the know-how

  • Worldwide presence - closer to the customer

  • Growing in line with the environment

  • Range and quality for professional repair shops

  • Focus on China and Brazil

  • R&D aftermarket

  • Focus Autopromotec

  • The mechanic’s advice

  • The web, a gate to the world

  • Technical Information: an additional resource

  • A valuable feedback

Number 0, September 2010
PDF (English), 13.8Mb
  • Strategy as a mission: offering the best
  • A “conquest” for increased quality
  • Increasingly wide range, increasingly clear instructions and new informative tools
  • Belt in Oil
  • Prince
  • Dayco plants: a combination of technology, innovation and organisation
  • A new base in Germany
  • Long Life +1
  • New BER regulation: giving a hand to independent repair shops
  • Working with a fixed objective, focusing on perfection
  • Tailor-made courses: goodbye monkey spanner, welcome to the “hi-tech” mechanic
  • To be downloaded from the virtual garage

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