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BIO Kits

BIO kits have been added to our traditional range of timing belt kits to ensure that Dayco now provides solutions for all transmission systems on the market.

The Belt in Oil (BIO), which was invented by Dayco in 2007, and was awarded the 2009 prize for innovation, will be available in kit form from September 2014. The BIO system represents a true revolution in the field of power transmission.

The creation of a belt able to operate inside the lubricated environment of the engine has allowed a synergy of the “best” characteristics of the timing chain, such as solidity and compactness together with the advantages of the traditional timing belt.


a) Cord (E-glass/ K-glass/ Hybrid)
b) Compound (HNBR, p/o curing, fiber loaded)
c) Tooth fabric (Nylon HT, Ny+Ar, full Aramid) + PTFE skin
d) Back surface fabric (optional)

Features and benefits of the Dayco BIO KIT:

  • Technology of the manufacturer who “invented” the BIO system for the first OE applications in the world
  • Use of innovative and state-of-the-art materials
  • High strength and reliability, proven on test benches and vehicle fleets
  • Reduced friction coefficient with consequent reduction of energy loss (lower fuel consumption)
  • Optimised belt and pulley profile resulting in extremely smooth running and low noise
  • “Synergetic” design of the whole BIO transmission system (belt, guides, tensioners, idlers, pulleys) -not just the single components

Dayco products are covered by a two-year warranty from the date of their installation


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