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Timing Belts

Toothed belts for diesel and petrol engines, fitted both on passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

Timing belts HT (High Tenacity)

For new generation diesel engines.
Today, two timing belts out of three produced by Dayco for the OE market are HT belts.

TB-SET: timing belt sets

New line of products for engines where the injection pump or countershaft is controlled by a second toothed belt.

Kits : KTB – KPV

Complete kits including belt/s, tensioners, idlers and accessories for timing control and auxiliary unit control.

BIO Kits

The Belt in Oil (BIO) system represents a true revolution in the field of power transmission.


Timing Chain Kits

Timing kits with water pump (KTBWP)

For engines in which the water pump is controlled by the timing belt.

PV belts

Belts for auxiliary transmissions in EPDM material. Provide strength, reliability, low noise level and an increased working life.

Elastic PV belts

Special belts with limited length that are pre tensioned and installed on systems with no tensioning device.


Made in high quality materials to provide strength and a longer working life. These belts are oil and heat resistance.

Tensioners and pulleys

Dayco’s range of rigid components includes automatic tensioners, fixed tensioners, hydraulic actuators, pulleys and idlers.


High quality dampers that absorb the vibrations generated by the crankshaft.

Alternator free wheels

Wide range of parts for latest generation diesel engines and high performance petrol engines.


Range of tools proposed by Dayco for a correct installation of the Dayco products.

DTM Tensiometer

Tool designed to measure quickly and easily the timing and auxiliary belt tension.

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