GOLD LABEL Double Angle

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墨西哥, 南美, 亚洲, 太平洋


V-Belt Hexagonal

Part Number Description: BB76GL
BB: Profile (16.7mm X 13.5mm)
76: Datum Length (Inches)
GL: Gold Label

Features and Benefits:

Fabric Cover: PET/Cotton, CR Impregnated

  • Abrasion, Wear and Oil Resistant
  • Static Conductivity: ISO 1813

Tension Cords: High Modulus Polyester

  • Centrally located for superior flexibility
  • Superior Dimensional stability
  • Resistance to overloads and shock loads

Compression Rubber: SBR/NR Rubber blend

  • Resistant to reverse bending with back-idlers
  • Oil, Heat, Ozone resistance
  • Temperature Range: -35 To +70 C. / -31 To 160 F.

Matching Length Tolerances
Designed for Back-Side Pulleys Applications

Markets and Applications:

Perfect solution for serpentine drives
These belts are used on drives with one or more reverse bend where power is trasmitted from the belt on both side and in reverse conditions as well
Fits on application such as Lawn & Garden, Agriculture Harvesters, Chicken Pluckers, Mixers, Agitators, Conveyors, Crushers
Pulley Standards: DIN2217 – ISO 4183


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