PowerBond™ Race Performance Harmonic Balancer

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北美, 大洋洲


The PowerBond race series brings the advantages of bonded balancers to high revving and high horsepower street/race applications where an SFI approved balancer is required. PowerBond Race Series balancers have been tested beyond 21,000 RPM without failure.

Every PowerBond race series balancer features a precision CNC machined AISI 1045 forged steel hub bonded to an equally strong steel inertia ring. Advanced design mean that race series balancers are very light for an all steel product. In most cases they are only marginally heavier than the original cast iron balancer and generally much lighter than other all steel balancers on the market. The steel inertia ring on the race series models is positively protected against forward and backward movement. PowerBond uses our Race Series high pressure, low cure that features a natural rubber developed in our laboratory.

Every model has easy to read computer etched timing marks. All PowerBond race series balancers meet SFI specification 18.1.


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