Accessory Poly-V Belt Kits

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The quality requirements for the maintenance of accessory component belt drives require complete systems. The installer is able to ensure reliable replacement interventions, rather than simply replacing individual items.

Dayco’s continuous research and consistent collaboration with all car manufacturers, has given Dayco the opportunity to create complete systems that meet all technical and application needs. A diverse range of kits are available to meet the needs of a market that is continuously evolving.

Dayco products guarantee our complete systems are technically compatible and provide the best quality in the market.

Dayco kits offer:

  • Components of original or equivalent quality for both passenger cars and heavy duty vehicles.
  • Complete replacement of all wear parts (belts, rigid components)
  • Continuous update of components according to the instructions of the manufacturer

Dayco recommends to always check and replace, when necessary, all drive components, for the best maintenance activity.

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