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    The proper adjustment of the assembly tension greatly affects the belt correct operation, both in timing and auxiliary control transmissions. The optimal assembly tension is the tension that will prevent the belt from skipping/sliding in the presence of high traction stresses with quick and pulsating cycles. To prevent the belt tooth from skipping and thus shifting the cylinder/valve phase, the timing belt must be fitted in such a way that the assembly tension generates no interferences with the pulley grooves or tensioners during the dynamic phase (movement).

    The belt installation is therefore a very critical operation, as it could cause significant damage to the engine.

    Until today, one used to rely on experience to install the belt, however this remains an empirical system which does not guarantee optimal results considering the engines complexity.

    To limit belt tensioning problems to the minimum, Dayco has made available to its customers a new tensiometer called DAYCO TENSIOMETER, suitable both for timing belts and auxiliary belts.

    The DTM can be used for all applications.

    Suitable for all transmission systems with timing/V-belt.

    Suitable for all structures: neoprene, polyurethane with glass insert, steel, aramid, polyester.

    An optical sensor positioned on the belt back measures the oscillation frequency of the free branch.

    The DTM is a device used to obtain an easy and quick measure of the belt tensioning.

    The correct assembly tensioning of the belt determines:

    • its functionality
    • the noise level
    • the system service life

    The DTM is wholly electronic.

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