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The correct adjustment of the belt assembly tension has a significant impact on the functionality of the belt in both distribution and accessory drives. The best assembly tension is the tension at which the belt will not jump or slip under high tensile stresses with fast cycles and buttons. In order to avoid the tooth belt jumping and consequently the phase shift of the cylinders/valves, the timing belt must be installed in such a way that the assembly tension does not generate interferences with the pulley or tensioner grooves during the dynamic phase (during the movement).

Therefore, installing a timing belt or a drive belt is not a minor operation, rather of major importance as it could cause significant damage to the engine.

Until now, many have relied on experience, but it is always an empirical system that does not guarantee optimal results due to the complexity of the engines. To minimize belt tensioning problems, Dayco has made available to its customers a new tension gauge called the Dayco Tensiometer, which is suitable for both toothed and accessory belts.

The DTM can be used for all applications.

Suitable for all drive systems, both toothed belt and V-belt.

Suitable for all structures: neoprene, polyurethane with glass insert, steel, aramid, polyester.

An optical sensor positioned on the back of the belt will detect the oscillation frequencies of the free branch.

The DTM is a tool used for fast and easy measurement of belt tension.

The correct assembly tension of a belt determines:

  • functionality
  • noise
  • life of the system

The DTM is fully electronic.

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