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Ela belts, also known as “stretch” belts,  are specifically designed for 2 to 4 point drives that do not require tensioning. Although these belts may look like standard Poly-V / Poly-V Serpentine belts, they are very different. These specially designed belts have self-tensioning capabilities required by specific original equipment (OE) drives designed for a “stretch” belt. Vehicles that are manufactured with “stretch” belts must replace those belts with “stretch” belts. These belts are not interchangeable with standard constructed belts of the same size.

Ela belts utilize a proprietary EPDM construction that is designed to elongate over the fixed pulley system, and then maintain the required belt tension over the life of the belt. The backbone behind the Ela belt is its specially developed polyamide tensile member, which allows for high elongation required for installation, yet provides the proper tension maintenance properties to transmit the accessory loads demanded for the drive. This belt construction incorporates a wear resistant EPDM rib material, along with a highly elastic EPDM cushion rubber that surrounds the polyamide tensile cord, thus providing the required adhesion and flexibility to maintain lasting performance.

“Stretch” belts have unique installation instructions depending on the OE application. Installation may require a specialized tool for the application or a simple zip tie. Do not attempt to install by prying the belt on the pulleys.

Dismounting and reusing stretch belts is not recommended. A new belt should be installed anytime one is removed.

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