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Higher engine performance and the continuous increase in the number of auxiliary components have led to a significant development in the design and choice of materials for all rigid components.

Rigid components must conform to manufacturers’ requirements, including:

  • Increasingly confined working spaces
  • High injection pressures
  • High temperatures
  • High stress
  • Extended component replacement intervals

As a result, both tensioners and pulleys must meet extremely high quality standards.

The main types of rigid components are:

  • Automatic tensioners: these are “dynamic” tensioners designed to adapt to and optimize belt tension in response to engine stress, in any operating condition.
  • Idlers: these are a type of pulley (with or without bracket) which ensure correct guiding of the belt during operation. They are extremely important as they support part of the system stress.

For its own range of products, Dayco supplies components of original equipment quality or equivalent for agricultural tractors.

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