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The increasing performance of engines and the growing number of auxiliary units have required significant developments in the design and choice of materials for all rigid components.

The timing and auxiliary control components, both with fixed and automatic tensioning, must fulfil the manufacturers’ requirements, among which:

  • Increasingly reduced working spaces
  • High injection pressures
  • High temperatures
  • High stresses
  • Increased interval for component replacement

This implies that both the system tensioners (fixed and automatic) and pulleys must fulfil very high quality requirements.
The main types of rigid components are:

  • Fixed tensioners: the final tension on the belt is applied on assembly and remains constant over time. The belt tension is therefore determined when it is assembled. In these cases, the use of the DTM Tensiometer is advised.
  • Automatic tensioner: spring-loaded or hydraulic. • These are dynamic tensioners which, once installed, can adapt to and improve the belt tensioning according to the engine stress, in any operating condition.
  • Guide pulleys: these pulleys, with or without bracket, allow the correct guiding of the belt in its route. They are very important as they support part of the system stresses.
    Dayco supplies components of original quality or equivalent to the original for its own range, both for motorcars and industrial vehicles.

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