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The increase in engine performance and the continuous increase in accessory components have been considered in the design development and choice of materials, even for rigid components.

The control components for accessory devices, with both fixed and automatic tensioning, must meet the growing needs of the manufacturers:

  • Increasingly reduced workspaces
  • High temperatures
  • Continuous stress
  • Increase in the component replacement interval

It follows that all the elements of the system must meet extremely high quality standards.

The fundamental types of rigid components are:

FIXED TENSIONERS: the final tension on the belt is applied through the correct setting of the tensioner and remains constant over time. The belt tension is therefore determined during installation, in which case we recommend using the Dayco DTM Tensiometer to ensure that the system functions correctly.

AUTOMATIC TENSIONERS: they can be spring or hydraulic. They are dynamic tensioners because once properly installed, they are able to continuously adapt to the operating conditions of the engine and optimize the belt tension according to the different stresses received from the engine, in all operating conditions.

IDLER PULLEYS: they are pulleys with or without support that help the belt circuit, effectively contributing to the restraint of misalignment and noise reduction.

Dayco supplies components of original quality or equivalent to the original for its range.

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