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Dayco car thermostat is a key component of the vehicle cooling system. It optimises the flow of coolant from the radiator when the engine is cold to reach the ideal temperature quickly. Dayco car thermostat has been designed to control the overheating of any type of engine, meeting three basic needs:

Reduced fuel consumption:

  • Modern cooling systems give a fundamental contribution to reducing consumption. Dayco car thermostat is a key component in this process.
  • It helps the efficiency of the vehicle, while also supporting the entire technological system.
  • Independent heating and air conditioning systems have transformed conventional engine cooling into complex cooling systems.

Lower emissions:

  • To meet future emission control regulations, the working temperature range must be increased by about 10%. All this is made possible by the thermostat.
  • Dayco car thermostat ensures optimal engine combustion.
  • Higher temperature also means more cooling power, so that the engine can cover its mileage without any problems.

Remarkable reduction in wear and tear:

  • An efficient cooling system is one of the factors in limiting engine wear. Without effective temperature control it would not be possible to avoid increasing wear and following damage to engine components.
  • Know-how and technological expertise made it possible to produce thermostats equivalent to OE parts in terms of properties, safety, efficiency and durability.

Standard car thermostat:

  • The main plate of the thermostat is made of seamless steel for greater reliability and durability over time
  • Unique valve technology prevents thermal shocks to protect the entire cooling system
  • The car thermostat bulb is made with new wax-aluminium or wax-copper mixtures to ensure extremely precise activation temperatures.

Complete car thermostat:

  • The Dayco car thermostat is made from polyamide or aluminium resins, guaranteeing heat resistance and total impermeability
  • Housings are individually checked in production to verify perfect sealing and total absence of leaks.
  • Geometric and dimensional precision of the thermostat guarantees perfect coupling with the hydraulics or other components of the cooling system.
  • The electronic sensors perfectly measure the temperature of the coolant with response times equal to the OE part.
  • The valves are actuated directly by the car’s ECU and allow for a ‘smart’ management to reduce fuel consumption and improve performance.

Why choose a Dayco car thermostat

  • Dayco has been world leader in automotive technology for over 110 years.
  • Supplier of the world’s leading brands on all continents.
  • Wide range of car thermostats, in continuous expansion, providing more than 80% of the circulating fleet.
  • New packaging that enhances the technology of the product.
  • On-line and paper catalogues for quick and secure identification of the Dayco product for your application.
  • Quality products equivalent to Original Equipment.


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