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The engine cooling system is designed to stabilize the temperature, limiting its rise within the set limits. The cooling fluid is circulated by the water pump, which must guarantee the correct flow at every engine rotation speed.

Failures in the system can cause significant damage to the engine. For this reason, it is extremely important that the water pump be systematically checked.

In many applications, the water pump is controlled by the timing belt. It is therefore highly important to check the water pump and replace it if necessary during the timing control maintenance.

The main elements that guarantee the quality of our pumps are:

  • The bearing, which supports the rotor on one side and the pulley on the other side. This element must guarantee constant smoothness and react to the loads generated by the control system. It is available with a double ring of balls or a ring of balls (rotor side) and a ring of rollers (pulley side). The bearing geometry is determined by the vehicle manufacturer according to the loads generated by the system.
  • The rotor, which can be a synthetic material is reinforced with glass fiber, steel or cast iron. The profile of the tabs is very important as they must guarantee the correct flow and prevent cavitation effects. The rotor manufacture is extremely complex as it must provide the fluid constant flow at any engine rotation speed.
  • The seal, fitted between the rotor and the bearing. It must guarantee the liquid tightness at all operating temperatures and rotation speeds, in order to prevent the liquid from entering the bearing, causing irreversible damage to the pump.
  • The pump body, usually in plastic or aluminium depending on the vehicle manufacturer. In both versions, the pump body must guarantee the system appropriate rigidity and geometry.

The water pumps in our kits are OE equivalent and provide maximum safety and service life.