Timing Chain Kits


    Product Description

    Dayco’s experience in transmission systems has also resulted in another new product this year: Timing Chain Kits.

    Dayco’s long tradition and renowned expertise in the field of power transmission, together with our understanding of the importance of quality, testing and reliability, have led to the successful creation of a range of Timing Chain Kits.

    The kit components (chain, hydraulic tensioner, sprockets, guides) have been designed to conform not only to individual technical specifications but also to operate in perfect synergy, to ensure high performance, efficiency, low noise and durability of the complete transmission system.

    Features and benefits of the Dayco timing chain kits:

    • Synergetic design of the whole kit (chain, guide, tensioner, gears, seals)
    • High strength and reliability proven in testing and on fleet vehicles

    Use of state-of-the-art technology:

    • Chains: use of high-grade steel and expert know-how on the three types of chain used in automotive applications
    • Tensioners: precision mechanical manufacturing to obtain minimum internal clearances for a better control of oil drawing times
    • Guides: use of fibreglass-reinforced high-resistance plastics
    • Gears: high-grade stamped or sintered steel – both subjected to specific heat treatments to improve surface hardening of the toothed areas

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