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Dayco’s long tradition of toothed belt power transmission systems and its in-depth knowledge of functional requirements, as well as its know-how in terms of quality, testing and reliability, are also successfully applied to chain kits.

In designing the chain kits, a “system” logic was followed, to ensure all the elements of the kit (chain, hydraulic tensioner, sprockets, guides) were included. Additionally, it is important all elements comply with the technical requirements of the single component. This guarantees maximum functionality, silence and a longer life of the transmission.

Main advantages and features of the Dayco chain KITS:

  • Synergic design of the entire KIT (chain, guides, tensioner, gears, seals)
  • High robustness and proven reliability on test benches and vehicle fleets

Use of the best technologies available today:

  • Chains: use of high-strength steel and know-how of the various types of chain used in the automotive sector:
  • Tensioners: precision machining in order to obtain reduced internal clearances for the best control and optimal management of the chain tension
  • Guides: use of high-strength plastics loaded with glass fibres
  • Gears: high-strength moulding steel or sintered steel, both with specific heat treatments for surface hardening of the toothed areas

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