Water Pumps Heavy Duty


Product Description

The water pump function is to cool down the engine by creating forced circulation of the coolant. The movement is taken from the crankshaft to which the pump is connected by means of a belt.

The main components of the pumps are:

  • The bearing which support the shaft; the pulley for the (toothed or Poly-V) belt is fitted at one end of the shaft and the seal and impeller are fitted at the other. The bearings can differ in size according to the load they are expected to support, and are usually of two types: ball-ball or roller-ball, and are capable of withstanding high rotation speeds and heavy loads.
  • The impeller and the geometry of its blades which must increase the coolant flow provide high performance, improved efficiency and reduced cavitation risk.
  • The core of the pump is the gland or seal, which has undergone various evolutions over time: from mechanical seals to integral seals.

All accessories and seals are included for an improved service.

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