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Dayco introduces its line of wheel bearing kits and brake discs, offering the market innovative solutions for the automotive sector.
All products undergo severe validation testing to ensure they meet Dayco and OE quality standards.

Wheel bearing kit, generation 1:

  • Standard double-row wheel bearings replacing single-row wheel bearings.
  • They have simple, but extremely reliable technology.
  • They do not require any setting, such as pre-load or alignments, thus simplifying their replacement.
  • They come with all the necessary accessories for a correct and easy installation on the car.
  • State-of-the-art greases are used to minimize rolling friction, enabling optimum and consistent performance in all conditions.

Wheel bearing kit, generation 2:

  • Bearings, flanges and clamps are integrated into a single unit, reducing weight and facilitating installation in the car.
  • Generation 2 wheel bearing kits have contributed over the years to the reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • The bearings feature high-performance and durable materials.

Wheel bearing kit, generation 3:

  • These are the most sophisticated wheel bearing kits in the Dayco range.
  • They integrate two assembly functions: assembly to the wheel unit and fixing of the brake disc and wheel.
  • In some versions, drive is transmitted to the wheels via the groove in the bore of the unit.
  • Service sensors are fitted when instructed by the vehicle manufacturer.
  • The easy assembly of generation 3 wheel bearing kits is guaranteed by the factory settings.

Brake disc with integrated wheel bearings

  • The bearing is fitted into the brake disc directly in the production facilities.
  • The assembly of the single bearing is complex and involves high tolerances
  • In many cases you cannot replace just the bearing, rather the complete disc with integrated bearing.
  • The basic requirement is that brake discs should always be replaced in pairs.


Dayco wheel bearing kits are supplied with all the nuts, bolts, pins, retainers, snap rings, oil seals required for quick and safe installation.


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