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You will find in this section the causes and remedies to the main problems related to water pumps: presence of rust or contamination from foreign matter, inappropriate or excessive use of sealant, broken shaft.

Presence of rust /contamination from foreign matter

  • Incorrect cleaning of the system
  • High percentage of chlorine in the coolant
  • Use of pure water without coolant
  • Water is too hard, with high percentage of limestone
  • Thoroughly clean the system
  • Use distilled water mixed with coolant
  • Replace the faulty/damaged component

Inappropriate / excessive use of sealant

  • Application of sealant where it is not needed
  • Application of excessive amount of sealant
  • Incorrect seal assembly
  • Clean the surfaces and apply a suitable amount of sealant
  • Follow the assembly instructions and use sealant only if required
  • Replace the faulty/ damaged component

Broken shaft caused by excessive belt tension / incorrect alignment

  • Incorrect fastening of the pump
  • Incorrect alignment of the pump pulley in relation to the other transmission components
  • Excessive tension of the timing belt
  • Check the correct installation of the pump
  • Check the correct assembly and alignment of all transmission components and make sure the timing belt is properly tensioned.
  • Replace the faulty/damage component

Bearing: broken, noisy, leaking

  • Wear
  • Liquid infiltrations in the bearing
  • Incorrect tension of the belt
  • Presence of sealant in the system
  • Presence of foreign matter, rust, plastic residues in the system
  • Replace the pump
  • Thoroughly clean the system
  • Check the correct tension of the timing belt and other transmission components

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