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México, Sudamérica, Asia, Pacífico



Part Number Description: 3L410GL
3L: Profile (9.5mm X 5.5mm)
410: Outside Length (Inches)
GL: Gold Label

Features and Benefits:

Fabric Cover: PET/Cotton, CR Impregnated

  • Abrasion, Wear and Oil Resistant
  • Static Conductivity: ISO 1813

Tension Cords: Polyester (PET)

  • Good Dimensional stability
  • Resistance to overloads and shock loads

Compression Rubber: SBR/NR Rubber blend

  • Resistant to reverse bending with back-idlers
  • Oil, Heat, Ozone resistance
  • Temperature Range: -35 To +70 C. / -31 To 160 F.

Matching Length Tolerances
Best Value Cost//Performance

Markets and Applications:

These belts are used solely on ligth drives with less than 1Kw/ 1,34 HP
Capable to handle situations of misalignment and reverse bending idler where ordinariy belts fail
Slicing Machines, Industrial Fans and Blowers, Washing Machines and Dryers, Domestic and industrial Refrigerators, Vacuum Pumps and Centrifuges


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