HT POWER Imperial Timing Belt

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HT Power Timing Belt

Part Number Description: 100XL1890
100: Pitch length in tenths of an inch (100=10”)
XL: Pitch (XL=Extra Light=0.2”)
1890: Width in hundredths of an inch (1890=18.90”)

Features and Benefits:

Tension Cords: Glass fiber

  • Very high dimensional stability
  • High strength
  • Good flex durability

Body Compound: Chloroprene rubber

  • Good shear resistance
  • Oil and Heat resistance
  • Temperature Range: -20 To +100 °C / -4 To +212 °F

Tooth Fabric Cover: Nylon

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Wear resistance

Belt dimensions according to ISO 5296
Best Value Cost/Performance

Markets and Applications:

Suitable for all Industrial applications
Pulley Standards: ISO 5294

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