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Poly-V Belt

Part Number Description: 610PJ10GL
610: 61.0 inches
: Profile
10: Ribs
GL: Gold Label

Features and Benefits:

The narrow ribs enable a perfect adjustment between the belt and the pulleys, thereby substantially reducing vibrations and noises, and increasing the contact area, which generates a more eficiente transmission.
Uniform transmission even for small pulleys. The speed is constant throughout the entire transmission.
Greater flexibility and better arc of contact of the pulleys.
Use of pulleys of a smaller diameter (less material in the manufacture of pulleys).
Smaller center to center (use of smaller belts).

Markets and Applications:

These belts have a wide array of applications, including automotive parts and accessories, farm equipment, gym equipment, as well as light and heavy industrial applications.

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Marchés Disponibles

Mexique, Amérique du Sud, Asie, Pacifique


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