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V-Belt Wrapped

Part Number Description: 3V300DR
3V: Profile (9.5mm X 8mm)
300: Internal Length (inches)
DR: Drive Rite

Features and Benefits:

Fabric Cover: PET/Cotton, CR Impregnated

  • Abrasion, wear and Oil Resistance
  • Static Conductivity: ISO 1813

Tension Cords: Polyester (PET)

  • Good Dimensional stability

Compression Rubber: SBR/NR Rubber blend

  • Resistant to bending stress
  • Oil and Heat resistance
  • Temperature Range: -35 To +70 ° / -31 To 160 F°

Matching Length Tolerances: IP20/IP22
Wedge Profile (RMA): Higher Power transmission capacity compared to Classical V Profiles (Z, A, B, C, D, E)
Best Value Cost/Performance

Markets and Applications:

Recommended for industrial applications where space, weight and power capacity are critical
Pulley Standards: IP20/IP22

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