Steering and Suspension

Dayco offers a wide range of steering and suspension products, including ball joints, tie rods, suspension arms and stabilizer links with more than 3.300 part numbers.

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Dayco offers a wide range of car steering and suspension components that are considered indispensable. Steering and suspension need good maintenance to ensure optimum vehicle performance and safety while driving. There are over 3,300 codes to meet the needs of all car owners on the road.

Car steering and suspension features:

  • Steering and suspension products meet OE standards for high performance and long product life
  • Production and quality control of steering and suspension products comply with OE standards and IATF16949
  • Electrophoretic coating on all products for optimal protection against corrosion and malfunctioning
  • All components are tested according to strict standards: from temperatures as low as -40°C up to 120°C
  • The products are checked one by one with numerous tests such as salt spray tests for complete protection
  • The range is subjected to dimensional and material checks, crack detection and fatigue analysis

Swing arm

The swing arm in the Dayco range is a key element in the steering and suspension system for cars. It maintains correct wheel alignment, improving driving performance and comfort for driver and passengers. It comes with bushings and ball joints for easy mounting on the car. The component coatings are robust with a high degree of protection for a long product life.

Ball joint

Dayco’s range of joints ensures precise rotation of car steering and suspension components. They can be press-fitted or flange-mounted and secured with screws. The joints are manufactured according to the highest standards and equipped with hardened steel ball studs. The resin elements of the joints reduce friction and are lubricated and sealed for long life.


The control arms and the other car steering and suspension components are attached to the chassis by means of bushes. They are designed to minimise noise and vibration from the road. The rubber compounds used guarantee maximum resistance and durability against wear and cracks.

Anti-roll bar rods

Steering and suspension range rods ensure stability and correct car alignment, both on straight roads and bends. They connect the anti-roll bar to the suspension arm or shock absorber, improving driving stability. The products are lubricated using a special grease to reduce friction. The rods are designed to reduce roll and improve driving safety.

Steering rods

They connect the steering box to the spindle via ball joint. Dayco’s steering rod assemblies transfer the steering force to the front wheels, absorbing shocks, bumps and road vibrations. They guarantee a comfortable driving experience in all road conditions. The ball joints used are life-lubricated with special greases to reduce friction. They are also sealed to prevent leakage and contamination.

Steering boots

The boots and the car boot kits protect the steering arm from water, dust, sand and stones. They ensure a perfect connection to the steering box and pinion. In the production of its boots Dayco uses special thermoplastic compounds to reduce noise. The steering boots in the range comply with OE standards.


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