Fuel & Oil Universal Straight Hose

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Dayco Universal straight Hose for Fuel are made from Fuel resistant Nitrile.
Sizes 25mm to 63mm ID are suitable for Fuel Filler and Turbo Intercooler applications and are manufactured with an OE grade Nitrile/PVC (NBR/PVC) blended rubber tube and cover selected for its Fuel, Oil plus Ozone resistance, with a knitted high tensile strength Para Aramid-fibre to give Maximum Protection.

Hoses suitable for use with leaded and unleaded petrol, Ethanol blended fuels up to E85, Diesel & Bio-diesel fuels, lubricating oil as well as crankcase and fuel vapour applications.

Working Temperature Range: -34°C to 100°C

NOT suitable for Fuel injection, in-tank fuel submersion, coolant or brake fluid or any Marine applications.

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