Electric Water Pumps

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The Dayco car electric water pump achieves the following:

  • fuel economy
  • emissions reduction
  • engine efficiency improvement
  • better control of energy consumption.

It is now an indispensable element in maintaining the optimal functioning of the cooling system.
The conventional water pump is driven by the belt: the higher the revs, the more water circulates in the system.
To manage the circulation, a thermostat closes or opens the system depending on the temperature.

More and more engines will be equipped with electric water pump solutions, either as main pump or additional water pump. In hybrid vehicles, the car electric water pump also cools the high-voltage inverter.

With the car electric water pump the coolant adjustment is electronically managed.
The pump will be activated in the event of a specific requirement.

Why choose the Dayco electric water pump:

  • World leader in automotive technology for over 110 years
  • Dayco quality in line with OE standards.
  • Designed for the aftermarket, tested in accordance with OE requirements.
  • Perfect installation
  • Wide range of car electric water pump codes, continuously developed according to market needs

Types of car electric water pump:

Additional electric water pump

The Dayco additional electric water pump now has a wide application for cooling:

  • stop-start systems
  • after-run and turbochargers
  • inverters and battery packs in modern electric and hybrid vehicles.

In newer vehicles, up to four electric water pumps are possible.

Main electric water pump

Main characteristics:

  • Greatly improves engine cooling control
  • Provides more power and improved fuel economy
  • The Dayco car electric water pump can provide extra power and torque.

Discover all the codes of the electric water pump range by accessing our Dayco Catalog

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