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Designed to transmit air, water, oil and chemicals in service up to 300 psi, the Dayco Premium Multi-Purpose Hose, consisting of a nitrile tube, neoprene cover and two-ply of textile reinforcement, can be depended upon to provide long lasting service in a variety of applications requiring the transmission of air, water, oil or chemicals. The Dayco Premium Multi-Purpose Hose features a tube compounded to deliver maximum oil resistance. In addition, the Dayco Premium Multi-Purpose Hose has been designed to withstand temperature variations of -20˚F (-29˚C) to +212F (+100˚C). This hose is electrically nonconductive with a minimum resistance of one megohm per inch at 1000 volts DC.

The Dayco Premium Multi-Purpose Hose replaces the Dayco Thoro-Flo® Multi-Purpose Hose

Note: NOT suitable for steam, paint spray, unleaded gasoline, anhydrous ammonia, or LP gas service. Do NOT use for hot, dry air applications.

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