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Constructed for heavily modified vehicles with over 800cc engines, including mudding UTVs with aftermarket wheels, tires and portals; sand dune UTVs with highly modified engines and paddle tires; and bounty hole ATVs with lifted suspension, larger wheels, tires and portals.

Designed and proven to outperform and outlast Original Equipment belts, the revolutionary Dayco POWER CTX ATV Belts are changing the powersports game. Specifically developed for the new, extreme performance ATVs and UTVs, the Dayco POWER CTX ATV Belt features the highest level of aramid reinforced HNBR rubber for maximum lateral rigidity and higher temperature resistance, coupled with a patented carbon hybrid cord for maximum strength and adhesion to the HNBR rubber compound for the prevention of cord pop out failures.  Dayco POWER CTX ATV Belts provide the most aggressive riders with the best in grip, power, braking and acceleration, as they are designed to withstand the higher torque and heavier loads often associated with heavily modified vehicles.

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