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Dayco radiator and expansion tank caps:
Quality at Your Service

The Dayco Radiator Cap range has been developed to complement our diverse cooling products range.

  • Our new radiator and expansion tank caps range have been developed to comply with the strictest OE system
  • Dayco radiator caps guarantee high performance having a significant role as a vital part of the vehicle cooling system
  • Throughout the entire quality process, Dayco is constantly improving products and operations

The function of Dayco radiator cap:

  • To ensure constant working pressure in the cooling system managing volume variations
  • To Prevent air from entering the system that can cause temperature spikes and overheating
  • The cap allows coolant to go to the recovery tank when it gets hot, expands and pressures increase

Closed system

The closed system requires an expansion tank sealed by a pressurized cap.
Dayco coolant expansion tank caps provide an excellent replacement for worn or faulty caps.

Open system

In open system cap is mounted directly on the radiator and an overflow tube extends for draw back. Metal radiator pressure caps are designed and manufactured to offer precise pressure control for the automotive cooling system.

Please refer to Dayco’s product application listings or catalogs to ensure the correct item is selected.

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