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Dayco Begins Full Scale Belt Production in Mexico

游行 4, 2024 • 4 分钟阅读

At the end of 2022, Dayco, a leading engine product and drive systems manufacturer for the automotive, industrial and aftermarket industries, announced that it was investing in a new manufacturing facility in San Luis Potosí in Mexico, to produce its globally recognized original equipment quality drive belts.

Dayco Mexico Slp Belt OpeningConstruction of the facility, which expands Dayco’s presence in North America and subsequently across the globe, was completed early and belt production in Dayco’s state-of-the-art facility is already underway.

The official grand opening ceremony, which took place the 27th of February, gave Dayco Chief Executive Officer, Craig Frohock and several of the company’s other executives, as well as members of the Dayco team that will be operating the plant, the opportunity to thank representatives of both the Mexican local and national governments who assisted in the superbly executed completion of the project.

In advance of the ceremony, Craig Frohock said: “In addition to the strategic location of this new facility and the benefits of Mexico’s  free trade agreements , the key to the success of this project has been the vision we have had and the people behind it.

Alongside the productivity goals built into its design and the logistical benefits of its location, the well-being of the Dayco family that work throughout the facility was of paramount importance in the fulfillment of the overall project. By considering the needs of our people first and including different amenities such as a nursery room and a gym, we have developed an environment which exemplifies our core values and operating principles and allowed us to create a great working culture in which everyone supports and believes in each other.”

Due to the clarity of its design and the co-operation of the local authorities, as well as the outstanding contributions made by everyone involved, Dayco’s new belt manufacturing facility opened flawlessly and in record time, after breaking ground in November 2022. By August 2023 the building was already erected and during September the freshly recruited production team undertook training in Argentina, ready for the first prototypes to be produced at the end of November 2023. With everything progressing ahead of schedule, the first production belts began being manufactured in January 2024.

“We are very grateful for the help and enthusiasm selflessly given by everyone involved in this massive project,” Craig continued. “This amazing commitment will allow Dayco to continue to serve its customers both efficiently and effectively over the long term.

In terms of its scale and capacity, the facility covers 73,000 square feet and is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery that can produce up to 4.2 million Poly-V belts annually, and which also allows us to expand our production capability to include EPS or timing belts, for example.

In addition to the team on the ground in Mexico, many people in the Dayco family have supported this project from around the world, and without them, the successful completion of this facility would not have been possible. So, our special thanks go to all our global team members, who together with our team in Mexico, act like owners as one Dayco team.”

About Dayco

Dayco is a global leader in the research, design, manufacture and distribution of essential engine drive systems and aftermarket services for automotive, truck, construction, agriculture and industrial applications.

Through its expertise in transferring power quietly and efficiently, Dayco has emerged as the leading global system solutions provider for hybrid electric vehicles. Dayco’s 100+ years of experience in drive systems allow the company to equip all customer applications around the world, with the most effective drive systems to meet performance requirements. Dayco’s world class global distribution network services the aftermarket industry with a full offering of kits and products to meet each local market’s need. Dayco accomplishes this with a dedicated global team that respects one another, shows humility through continuous learning and acts like an owner.

Dayco has more than 40 locations in 22 countries and over 3,600 associates.


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