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Chem-Air combines the features and benefits of the Blue airline hose with a chemical resistant tube. Chem-Air exceeds the flexibility of standard airline hoses and retains excellent kink resistance, with the addition of a chemical resistant virgin PVC tube.
The combined features of Chem-Air will provide benefits to the stockist and user alike. With the potential for reduced inventory and multiple use, it is ideally suited to many industrial and agricultural applications.


  • High tensile synthetic reinforcing
  • Soft black chemical resistant virgin PVC tube
  • Soft blue virgin PVC cover
  • Excellent flexibility even at cold temperatures
  • Excellent kink resistance
  • UV stabilised
  • Meets AS/NZS2554 class B specification
  • Highly visible blue cover
  • Suitable for air/water applications
  • Working Pressure : 1.6 MPa / 232 PSI

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