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Quality requirements of maintenance activities on auxiliary and drive controls do not require single items anymore, rather complete systems allowing the installation technician to guarantee reliable replacement operations.

Our continuous research in cooperation with all automotive companies allowed us to realease complete systems that can satisfy all technical and application needs. Our program can achieve differentiated selections for the same application, from those envisaged by the manufacturer to the most complete ones.

The wide range of Dayco kits to control the auxiliary components providing simple solutions for a continuously developing market.

Our offer includes over 130 kits.
Our wide range of product guarantees complete systems and the perfect technical compatibility of top quality components.

Dayco kits offer:

  • Genuine or OEM quality components
  • Complete replacement of all wear parts (belts, metal parts)
  • Continuous update of components according to the instructions of the car manufacturer
  • Assembly instructions

We recommend to always check and replace, whenever necessary, all drive components, for the best maintenance activity.

It is advised to always check and, if necessary, replace any component related to the transmission, to guarantee the best maintenance operation.

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