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V-belts have a trapezoidal section with edges cut and are highly performing. The V-belt is one of the many components that make up the transmission system of any car. The task of V-belts is to transmit the rotary motion of the crankshaft to auxiliary units such as:

  • The alternator
  • The A/C compressor
  • The water pump

The V-belt range

Dayco V-belts are all made of high-quality materials. They come in the following types:

  • AV10
  • AV13
  • AV17

Dayco V-belts guarantees

  • Excellent resistance to repeated flexing
  • Low weight
  • Use on small diameter pulleys
  • High transmission ratios
  • Greater friction, less slippage
  • Energy saving
  • Longer belt life
  • Good resistance to heat
  • High friction coefficient
  • Good resistance to oils, greases, chemicals and ozone


The V-belt is subject to an ageing process, too, which makes regular replacement of this component necessary. For this reason, it is recommended to consider the replacement intervals set by the manufacturer of your vehicle. Furthermore, it is always best to carry out regular checks to guard against inconveniences related to a poorly performing belt.

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