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The wide range of Timing kits is the reply to the requests coming from a continuously developing market. Maintenance work no longer requires individual items but complete systems, guaranteeing the most reliable replacements. Dayco research in cooperation with all automotive companies allowed us to produce complete systems for all technical and application needs. Timing belt kits meet all technical and application requirements for optimal system operation. All wear parts including belts, rigid components and fasteners can be replaced. Dayco offers a wide range of products that are constantly being updated and developed in line with the evolution of the automotive industry.

Timing kits

Dayco timing belt kits are divided into:

All the range guarantees complete systems and the perfect technical compatibility of the components, for the top quality.

What is included in the Dayco timing kit

  • Components of equivalent quality to the Original Equipment (OE) for both passenger cars and heavy duty vehicles.
  • All transmission components subject to wear (belts, rigid components) and fasteners
  • Continuous update of components according to the instructions of the car manufacturer
  • Clear and comprehensive assembly instructions

It is recommended that all transmission components should always be replaced, thus guaranteeing optimum operation.

Warnings for the correct assembly of the timing belt kit

  • During repairs, it is necessary to be provided with all protective equipment and the precautions required by current regulations must be implemented
  • Replaced substances must be disposed of according to current regulations
  • The manufacturer may make modifications to the engine and vehicle without prior notice
  • Always check information is applied correctly
  • Before disassembling the timing chain, check that the engine timing is correct.
  • Also make references with paint to facilitate reassembly
  • Always comply with the direction of rotation of the timing chain and accessory belt, if indicated
  • Always replace loose fasteners

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